Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Wall I Destroyed

Ok, it wasn't totally my fault. We'd had a pipe leak sometime back and it must've weakened a corner on the wall.
Of course, the fact I stretch up and make thorns on that cornner probably didn't help.
And I tore the corner off where the drywall was weak.

My bad.

Since it's been over a hundred degrees here every day like for two months and the humidity feels like the jungles of Viet Nam (that's what mom says tho I don't think she's been that far from home) mom could only fix the wall late at night. Which she did last night. ~Yeah, we have an a/c machine but it's struggling.

I dunno why they call that drywall cause it seemed pretty wet. Mom said it's like frosting a big cake, tho I never heard her use that type of language when she frosts a cake. Yes, I was in it a lot. I must be included in everything.
I headbonked the mesh tape and muddy stuff and mashed the sharp nice corner mom made with a funny little knife. She put a fan on it all night.

Today, when it was dry, she was mixing some stuff to make a last coat so I took the opportunity to see how well my new scratchy corner worked. It was nice of mom to build me a new one.
But gosh, she yelled at me as soon as I started!

I guess she wants to put that last coat on it and then paint it nice before I can use it again.



Daisy said...

Christopher, it sounds like you were just trying to have a little fun! It is very, very hot and humid where I live, too. Too hot to even go out in my stroller. I cannot wait for Fall!

ps: Christopher, do you know about the Cat Blogosphere? Make sure you put a link to your post there so other cats can find you. I think lots of cats would like to be friends with a cool cat like you!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Why wuld she yell at yoo fur using yer new skratching post? Yoo did a grate job helping owt yer lady to put up the dry...errr, wet wall.

mog said...

That post brings back memories. Had a cat that liked to scratch the drywall, did a job on it too. Although you seem to have more fun with your scratchy corner.

♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥ said...

We heard our momma tellin' a friend one time that tapin' foil on the corners of stuff or double sided tape all makes it icky for us to do our nails. Now, we ain't sayin' we told you that but we don't want you ta get into troubles again.

The Meowers from Missouri said...

dude! we's glad to meetcha!! dear daisy and our best frend skeezy is just the bestest furriends to us kitties, don't you agree?

an' we has a feller on our bloggie (well, he's comin' in a few days, but you can learn about him starting wif the post frum last last furriday, 22 august. you'll find out that little brofurs an' drywall don't go together!

best fishes, an' welcome!!

ed, nitro, xingxing, an' the little black cat

jmuhj said...

Cat damage. "CAT DAMAGE". HAH! Who do they think they are, callin' it "cat damage!" When you know and we know it's PURRformance art, of the world class variety!!!