Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Bug Now a Big Bug =)

Some of my friends who knew about my foster sisfur Bug has asked how she's doing.

She's doing great!

Bug was a little 8 week old kitten dumped that mom medicated and helped. She was meant to only be a foster kitty but mom did fall in love with her.
I have a cute pic of her on my blog on Halloween with her costume on! She went trick or treating as a butterfly. The pic made the finals in the Worlds Coolest Dog and Cat Contest in the catagory "Costume and Shades"!! WOW!

She was still fragile in the pic but went onto lose those wild hairs and get bigger.
Mom was keeping her as my sisfur until a good friend of mom's lost her cat at the age of 16. Mom's known this lady for years and she's a good cat mom and missed having a nice kitty around but was still mourning her cat Pebbles.
In the beginning of 2010, she decided to try to open her heart to another kitty.

Bug seemed a good match, was about 4 months old, and went on a trial basis to see how things went.
They went pretty good and she didn't seem to miss mom too much MOL! and is now living just outside of town (indoor cat only). Mom wished we could ALL live outside of town in a nice rural place.

Hard to believe Bug's 6 months old now =)
Mom sees her friend now and then and mom will always be there for her and Bug.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Technical Difficulties =(

Fisrt off, little Abigail is doing good and toddling around.

But we got some technical difficulties =(
Long story short...mom had a particularly craptacular paycheck so she went out and splurged on a Vivitar digital camera that cost $19.99 and she can't get it to work.

Could be the fact that it cost $19.99, but besides that, it should at least have images in the window that don't look like a nite-time infra-red pic. Just inky smears if we're lucky.

Mom really didn't have $19.99 to spare and esp not for a camera that we can't even make an image with.

Mom at least wanted to get some pics of me and baby Abigail (and her progress). We wanted to take a pic of her canister of formula and tinned foods and her heated snuggle and stuff that my friends so generously helped us get =(

The second part of our problem is the fact that mom has a netbook with no disk drive...so we can't put the image software on the compy to use with the camera...
BUT that's beside the point when we can't get more than a faint orange smear on a black background in the camera's image window.

Mom and I are gonna put this camera and stuff up for a while before we do some damage. Mom's already pretty upset.

If anyone has a suggestion please feel free to comment.
We can't find any info on the Vivitar website about alternative software options for people who have netbooks. We couldn't find online software download on the website.

The camera is a cheapo Vivitar V15 Freelance.
It's red.
It's shaped like an amoeba.

Not happy right now.

EDIT: Angel and Kirby suggested mom get someone to put the software on a usb stick.
Mom was so POed she didn't even think of using a flash drive! Angel and Kirby are so smart! Thank You for the great suggestion!
Mom sees a co-worker on Thursday who might be able to help her out.
And maybe then we can troubleshoot that ol amoeba.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Mom's Runnin Behind mol

Mom was intending to go get kitten supplies yesterday but woke up sick with a migraine, was sick all day at work and most of the nite last nite. She feels better today but really tired.
Little Abby has a small carton of formula and babyfood to last until mom gets to picking up supplies tomorrow (mom's back at work now).

Mom was offline the whole time and almost fainted when she logged on to help me update everyone and saw Abby's Milk Fund widget....the outpouring of support for little Abby made mom's eyes rain like when she peels onions.

I really don't know what to meow to describe how touched we are!

I've never done a chipin and I don't know if it would be proper to send an email thankyou to everyone or to just thank you all here as I am. (Advice from anyone who uses chipin/paypal button?)

Many heartfelt meows,

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update on Tiny Rescue Kitten

First of all, she has a name now.
It's Abigail. Abby for short =)

She's doing good.
Tomorrow mom will go get little Abigail some supplies. Food and things. We are very grateful for the outpouring of support for this little former throw-away.
I'll scan the receipts and put them up in my blog with some new pics of the baby.

Yesterday she had some diahrrea which can be very bad for kittens. Normally mom would proceed to fix the situation without panic, but after seeing Abby's sister die from being sick...well...mom almost freaked out.
She was at work with the baby and couldn't really leave.

The next poopy was even worse and mom got scared. The baby seemed to feel well and was active. She wasn't squirting all the time just when mom took her to potty. Still, mom was worried they'd have to make a run to the vet.

Mom did what she's had to do in the past with little bottle babies and dilute the formula with 1/3 water so it isn't so "rich".

Still watery poop.

So in the next mom mixed in 1/3 of Gerber chicken baby food to the formula.
Not only did it make the milk smell like chicken soup, Abigail really loved it!
Two feedings of this mixture and we had normal poop again.

YAY normal poop!

Abby's so cute, she's toddling along now.
She's been with us one week tomorrow.


Some of my pals expressed that they might want to contribute to a kitten fund for the little one. Tho it feels kinda wierd to accept help, it is both humbling and very generous and my family and I are grateful. I've never done a Chipin or a Paypal button...in fact, I got screwed up and put up a shopping cart at first an I'm not even a merchant mol!

I decided on a Chipin because I could put a fixed amount just to cover some formulas and maybe some peepads because we are not a registered charity or rescue. The donation isn't tax-deductible or anything. It's just my mom and us kitties.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Little Abandoned Kitten Pics are IN!

Ok here she is! These pics were taken with a phone so aren't as sharp as they could be.

That's the end of a 5cc syringe so you can see how little she is.
She's not being tube fed; that's a marsupial teat...cause she thinks she's a sugar glider.
Here's another pic:

She has her bunny rabbit. She's cute!

Here she is holding up a sign for her friends, mol. She's also getting a little sleepy.

So that's the new baby kitten =)
She was wiggling around today in her blanket and made herself poop on her own which was a BIG plus as far as mom was concerned!

Some of my pals expressed that they might want to contribute to a kitten fund for the little one. Tho it feels kinda wierd to accept help, it is both humbling and very generous and my family and I are grateful. I've never done a Chipin or a Paypal button...in fact, I got screwed up and put up a shopping cart at first an I'm not even a merchant mol!

I decided on a Chipin because I could put a fixed amount just to cover some formulas and maybe some peepads because we are not a registered charity or rescue. The donation isn't tax-deductible or anything. It's just my mom and us kitties.

And Thank You


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tiny Kitten is Chuggin Along =)

Not much news...and no news is good news as far as little neonate kittens go. No drama is a GOOD thing!
Little kitten is putting along and seems to be doing fine.
Most of all, she seems like a happy little thing, playing with her toes and purrring. Wiggling when momma snurffs her tummy.

Right now, we're waiting for mom's co-worker to email the pics he took of the kitten on his phone. Mom's camera isn't functioning so she'll try to get her boss to take a pic Monday if all else fails.

I'm thinking of maybe going ahead and putting up our email/Paypal for a baby fund but first I want to put her pic up so my pals can meet her.

So, right now, I'm just chillaxing and waiting for the rain to start. Supposed to rain the rest of the weekend and thunderstorm on Monday. Mom does a split-shift on Monday so she won't have to take the baby to work with her in the rain.

I had the skwerts earlier today because I got into the butter and stole some. TOTALLY worth it! I'm fine now and feel great.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Hi Ho Off to Work Mom Goes (With a Tiny Kitty) =)

First of all, thank you for the encouraging words.
Mom was really sad this morning when she wrapped the tiny kitten's body in a little hand towel and buried her.
It's dark and looking like rain...

Mom felt better after I read your nice words to her. The kitten's passing wasn't unexpected but still it's so very sad. Tiny kittens are already such little explorers with purrrsonalities. All brand-new.

Anyway, mom's feeding the surviving baby girl kitten small feedings every two hours so as not to overburden her tiny system after not eating for a while. We will work up to every 4-5 hours. (A big YAY on that.) She's eating the daily portion for her weight. She now weighs a whopping 7 ounces full.
The baby looks forward to being picked up and fed and rejected the kitten bottle for a syringe with a long skinny teat that you feed marsupials with. (So she thinks she's a sugar glider?)
Whatever works =)

To keep the baby on her schedule, mom's packed an "overnite" bag for her and is taking the baby to work. Actually mom's not working overnite but 2-8:30 pm. (Overnite for a tiny kitten.)

What's wierd is that baby purrrs louder than me!
I'm not kidding. Mom puts the baby under her neck and skritches and pats it and it rumbles so loud and burps and stuff. Mom likes that.
She rubs its hiney with cotton balls and I'm kind of jealous of that because mom never rubbed my hiney. Of course I was three months old when mom found me, but still!

Mom will have a co-worker take some pics of the baby on his phone and I will post them as soon as he e-mails me the pics.

Some of you asked if we had a Paypal button. We do have a Paypal account but not sure how to do a button. We just use the Paypal address so mom can send a few dollars when she has it to help kitty rescues. Which reminds me:

Concats! @Michelles_Cats, a lady in Bakersfield CA who alters strays, that Ginger is 100% funded and was able to go in today for her emergency spay. Yay Ginger!

You see, it's so very important to spay/neuter so little babies aren't born unwanted like the tiny kittens mom was tossed.* Way to go @Michelles_Cats!

*The little girlcat mom's taking care of is wanted now that she's here...but it's BEST to prevent a litter in the first place.

Thanks for the purrrs and good thoughts and hopefully the little kitten will stay strong and grow up. Tinies are fragile.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tiny Dumped Kittens =(

Today a woman came into my momma's job with a shoebox with a tiny screaming kitten. Actually there were two kittens but the other was quiet and weak. She said something about moving and going back and finding the kittens in a closet. That they probably hadn't eaten for the two days she'd been gone. That she'd left them out the night before hoping momcat would come get them but she didn't.
The whole deal didn't make much sense...

There were faint smears of blood/pee (fluid?) in the box.

She said she hoped mom could find a home for them.

My mommy wasn't/isn't really up for two neo-nates especially a sick one. Mom doesn't really have the money to do that either...times are tough. So mom tried to explain but the woman wouldn't take the kittens with her.
(Not that mom really thought that would've been a great idea either.)
Mom said that they needed bottle fed and that one was hurt or sick and they needed to be seen by a vet first off and mom would have to get formula, bottles and probably a feeding tube and syringe for the sick one and this wasn't a good time for mommy to do this. She has her plate full.

The lady wouldn't take the box and took out a five dollar bill and said "here's some money".

Mom didn't want that money.

Anyway, mom has the babies now at home. Two girls. One, the noisy active one is a gray tabby. The ill one is a gray and white kitty. She appears to be weaker and has a lesion on her butt bone like she'd sat wet or been bit by a mommacat or something.
It looks better now clean and doesn't seem infected. Mom made the kitty a little gauze "diaper" to keep it dry so her tail doesn't stick to it.

They look about ten days or so old.
They don't really care for the formula but the stronger one did eat after mom warmed them up and she stopped crying.
The weaker one wasn't sucking so mommy tube fed her.

Mommy's pretty depressed. Not that she doesn't want to take care of these sweet babies, because she does want to see them grow up and get a home and doesn't mind getting up at night to feed and clean and stuff...but she doesn't want to see a baby die. And the grey/white baby looks like she may not make it.

Momma cares about these babies, of course she does, but feels bad for having them dumped on her like that.

Well, now that we have them, we're purrraying that they do well and the sick baby gets stronger and beats the odds.

Sitting up with a sick baby is very sad.


The sick baby was just too weak and declined fast.
She passed away comfortably and warm in a soft quiet bed.

The other baby is now sleeping with a stuffed toy.
It's 3:00 am and mom needs to get some rest and I will rest with her...