Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blind Like Me

Like my profile says, I'm blind. I was born that way. I've been told I have pretty eyes...they just don't see. I do everything a sighted kitty can do. I'm not shy or cautious. In fact, I love to explore and get into things (a lotta things) and I love to play and meet new friends. I like to ride the bus, too. This is me. I'm not sure why my tail looks kinds squirrely here.

I have a girlfriend named Penny. That's her in my sidebar. She's blind like me. She's also deaf. I luv her so.
She lives at a wonderful sanctuary in North Carolina called Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary. Blind kitties make wonderful companions. I know this for sure.
Here is a picture of me and my gurl:
I send her Christmas cards and gifts and chipped in on a cat tree for her and her pals. Drop by the sanctuary's site. Make a donation if you can. Penny and her friends would appreciate it.

Oh and I'm on Twitter now...I'm Tweeting, mol. So look me up and follow me and I'll follow you. You can see my Tweetings right here on my blog as well.

Thanks for taking the time to check meowt =)



Angel and Kirby said...

Stop by later, We gave you an award

The Island Cats said...

Hi Christopher! We wanna know where you go when you ride the bus! We've never ridden on a bus before! We think it's pretty cool that you are no different than a sighted kitty!

Hey, we tweet too! @theislandcats

♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥ said...

Momma says that blind fur-babies are just like the ones whose eyes work. Momma had a blind dog a long time ago and says that people had to be told he was blind because he hardly ever bumped into anything. Momma misses Prince a lot...sigh.

Momma says that she is fallin' in ♥ with you.

DEBRA said...

HI Christopher
YOU do have beautiful eyes and we were wondering too where you went on your bus rides?


Christopher said...

I ride on the bus with mom to her work. Or to the vet. So does my baby bro Pickles. He's deaf. Nothing bothers him, mol!

I also ride the vacuum monster =)
I have no fear and it's all fun.

Island Cats, I'm already followin you =)

Daisy said...

Christopher, you are a very handsome Mancat! And your ladycat is gorgeous! My Mommeh said she knew a blind cat at the shelter named Mr. Magoo. He was an extra-special kitty, just like you!

The Crew said...

Oh, Penny is just lovely!

Christopher said...

Thank you for your nice meows.

Daisy, I have a friend named Magoo on Catster

He was born without eyes.
I hear he's one good-looking guy.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

What a wonderfully lovely cat she is. I bet you are very romantic!

The Creek Cats said...

We think you are one cool cat, Christopher!
We live in North Carolina, we've never heard of that sanctuary, but we will go check out the website and see what it's all about! Thanks for telling us about it!

Nük said...

Very Mod blog dude. We bookmarked you so we can visit anytime !

Everycat said...

Christopher you are a wonderful advocate for blind and deaf cats. We visited Penny, she and all the others at the sanctuary are such lovely cats. Our Mum had a blind cat named Cosmo when she was a girl (9000 years ago) - Cosmo lead a long happy life too, he knew where everything was and no one knew he was blind unless humans told them. She also knew a blind cat called Katie once too. Katie had her own range outside and knew every blade of grass, bush, tree, smell, you name it, she knew it.

Whicky Wuudler

Curly said...

Christopher, I think you are one cool cat! You are doing a wonderful public service, getting the word out about how pawesome blind (and deaf) kitties can be.
I have a blind furriend on Catster named Montoya...He is a super-cute cat too.

Morgan the Pirate Gato said...

Being blind or having bad eyes just makes us more special. I was lucky they could fix my eyes - but I am sure you have super hearing like me.

God gives us super powers to make up fur things.

You ride the vacuum? You are much braver than me!