Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tell Me About YOU =)

First, a few kitties have commented about my mod shirt in my profile pic, so I thought I'd put up a bigger pic so you could dig the sheer modness of these threads:

Anyway, now about YOU!
I'd really like to know fun things about my pals who read my blog and Tweets.
I'd love to ask a question now and then and I'd be tickled (an I like to be tickled) if you would answer in a comment. This question is geared towards pets but, heck, if you're a peoples go ahead an lemme know anyway =) Remember you don't have to be a member of Blogger or Google to comment to my blog. Everyone is welcome.

Actually this is a two part question:

Q: YUMMY! (Name three things that you love to eat in your pawrents fridge right now.)
Q: YUCKY! (Name three things you wouldn't eat in your pawrents fridge right now.)

I'm really interested to know.
In fact, I'll start off first.

YUMMY: chicken, cottage cheese, leftover catfood!
YUCKY: orange marmalade, salsa, dill pickles!

Have fun!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank You!

The wonderful kitties Angel and Kirby at A Wizard and an Angel have given this blog an award!

It translates as "This Blog Has Heart"

Pickles and I are very touched.
Thank you.

~ an Pickles

Blind Like Me

Like my profile says, I'm blind. I was born that way. I've been told I have pretty eyes...they just don't see. I do everything a sighted kitty can do. I'm not shy or cautious. In fact, I love to explore and get into things (a lotta things) and I love to play and meet new friends. I like to ride the bus, too. This is me. I'm not sure why my tail looks kinds squirrely here.

I have a girlfriend named Penny. That's her in my sidebar. She's blind like me. She's also deaf. I luv her so.
She lives at a wonderful sanctuary in North Carolina called Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary. Blind kitties make wonderful companions. I know this for sure.
Here is a picture of me and my gurl:
I send her Christmas cards and gifts and chipped in on a cat tree for her and her pals. Drop by the sanctuary's site. Make a donation if you can. Penny and her friends would appreciate it.

Oh and I'm on Twitter now...I'm Tweeting, mol. So look me up and follow me and I'll follow you. You can see my Tweetings right here on my blog as well.

Thanks for taking the time to check meowt =)


Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Catio

In case you don't know...a catio is an enclosed patio/outside enclosure for kitties.
And we got one. It's not finished because mom lost her job in mid-build. She has another job now but has lots of bill catching up to do first. (Pretty inhumane to put a cat project on the back burner, but mom says bills are first. Hmmmph.)

Anyway, the wood was bought with a lottery scratch-off ticket. Mom spent $2 and won $100. We'd always wanted a catio, especially my brofur Patrick who is now an angel. He was in the last stage of renal failure so mom figured she'd better take that money and get to work fast so he could see his catio. Then she lost her job. But Patrick was able to advise and check out the building process and even play in it tho it has no shelves. He saw it go up and gave it approval.

It still has no shelves or door, and a second room is framed but the frames are not up. That's ok as it's the longest hottest summer on record here and the thermometer on the catio frame said 109. We'd definately burn our bacon even in the shade there.
So, here's what's up:
This is one corner of the main catio. It's painted in deck paint called Stone- henge. I think that's a fancy word for gray. It has mesh on it so we can't run amok (if it had a door to close of course).

Here is my brofur Patrick inspecting the work on the catio. It will be three weeks tomorrow that he became an angel. I miss him a lot.

Here is a small view from the outside. It kind of took on a tiki theme as mom put up bamboo shades. There are cabana lights across the top. And tiki is big time retro, yes? Hopefully in the Fall mom will be able to finish it.
I'm looking forward to it.

Thank you everyone who took the time to read (and comment on) my last entries.
It looks like my little bro will be doing a few more guest spots (he's getting a swell head over that) and mom may get that ol phone. She had one as a little girl because her daddy wouldn't trade it in for a cool princess phone like her friends had...cause it still worked. Finally, mom's mom twisted his arm and he traded it for a hip pushbutton in Harvest Gold. But it wasn't the same and there have been many phones since cause they just break and stuff. Two wireless phones have shucked out since November alone.
So we may get a black brick.
And I will lay on it =)


Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Guest Blogger with a Product History!

Hey, this just in and I'm proud to present a product history done by my brofur PICKLES.
He's only 8 weeks old and pretty much just sleeps, eats, and plays but he swears he can do product histories and reviews. He's also deaf. Since I'm blind, I figure we together can pull this blog off.
Depending on how good his column goes off...we may do more.

Today he will present a brief overview of a phone mom's been looking at on Ebay. This is a Western Electric model 500 first launched in 1949:

Hi! This iz a fone an it pritty heavie. A blak brik an u plug in the wallz an it say RIIIINNNNNG but Im def so I dont rilly no how that sounds. The End.

Oh, gawd. This blog is in trouble...

The Wall I Destroyed

Ok, it wasn't totally my fault. We'd had a pipe leak sometime back and it must've weakened a corner on the wall.
Of course, the fact I stretch up and make thorns on that cornner probably didn't help.
And I tore the corner off where the drywall was weak.

My bad.

Since it's been over a hundred degrees here every day like for two months and the humidity feels like the jungles of Viet Nam (that's what mom says tho I don't think she's been that far from home) mom could only fix the wall late at night. Which she did last night. ~Yeah, we have an a/c machine but it's struggling.

I dunno why they call that drywall cause it seemed pretty wet. Mom said it's like frosting a big cake, tho I never heard her use that type of language when she frosts a cake. Yes, I was in it a lot. I must be included in everything.
I headbonked the mesh tape and muddy stuff and mashed the sharp nice corner mom made with a funny little knife. She put a fan on it all night.

Today, when it was dry, she was mixing some stuff to make a last coat so I took the opportunity to see how well my new scratchy corner worked. It was nice of mom to build me a new one.
But gosh, she yelled at me as soon as I started!

I guess she wants to put that last coat on it and then paint it nice before I can use it again.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Hello Everycat

It's been a while since I updated my blog. Things got very rough and there wasn't many happy things to blog about, so I put it on hold.
Things actually got worse before they (hopefully) get better.
In a nutshell, my mom lost her job for the new year, found one, lost it and now has another. She's used to staying in a job for a long time so this has been hard.
About six weeks before she lost the second job, her mommy (my human grandma) passed away. And on the fourth of this month my brofur, Patrick passed from CRF at 13.5.

Mom's in debt now (and I hear a lot of mommies and daddies are) and her new job pays really low, but at least she found a new job, right?
It pays for the catfood and mom was also able to buy a couple gallons of paint on sale to spruce up the place so we won't be so sad.

Something new.
A small step to inspiration.
A new start and maybe something fun.

Patrick actually picked out the paint for the kitchen himself. Mom had a bunch of chips and couldn't decide what color so he went over and chose a chip and just kept rubbing and loving on that one chip.
So Frosted Green Grape it is! An almost white green. Mommy painted the kitchen real fast so Patrick could see his color. He liked it a lot. (He passed away two days later.)
I'm blind, but I know it must be nice cause my brofur picked it out.
And I know it will go with our retro look.

Mom says we live in a "Mid-Century Modern Ranch" but it's not upscale enough to be an "Atomic Ranch". I think it was built when there were dinosaurs.
I don't think we got any chickens or cows or horses on our ranch. (What kinda ranch is this supposed to be?)