Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tell Me About YOU =)

First, a few kitties have commented about my mod shirt in my profile pic, so I thought I'd put up a bigger pic so you could dig the sheer modness of these threads:

Anyway, now about YOU!
I'd really like to know fun things about my pals who read my blog and Tweets.
I'd love to ask a question now and then and I'd be tickled (an I like to be tickled) if you would answer in a comment. This question is geared towards pets but, heck, if you're a peoples go ahead an lemme know anyway =) Remember you don't have to be a member of Blogger or Google to comment to my blog. Everyone is welcome.

Actually this is a two part question:

Q: YUMMY! (Name three things that you love to eat in your pawrents fridge right now.)
Q: YUCKY! (Name three things you wouldn't eat in your pawrents fridge right now.)

I'm really interested to know.
In fact, I'll start off first.

YUMMY: chicken, cottage cheese, leftover catfood!
YUCKY: orange marmalade, salsa, dill pickles!

Have fun!


Bobkitty said...

yummy, cake bacon milk
yukky, olives beer mustard

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Yummy.. um ham ham ham

Yucky... let me go see if there is such a thing?

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We don't know what Jan hides in the fridge since she opens and closes the door real fast so we can't look around inside. We suspect she hides things we'd really like or she wouldn't be so secretive.

Brian said...

Hey Christopher, thanks for visiting me. Purrs4Peace is every week. Details can be found weekly at

Or you can click on the link on my blog post. We would love to have you join us. It is also on the CatBlogosphere. If your new to the CatBlogosphere, let me know and I'll introduce you around.

Brian said...

That is good to know, it is lots of fun and I post daily, except Saturday, and I'm on twitter lots. We will be looking for you!!!

Ikaika said...

Yummy: bread (I like toast), chicken and milk

Yucky: spinach, hummus, salad dressing

Your Daily Cute said...

That's a groovy shirt, Christopher! Just stopping by real quick, but I'll be back later to answer your questions. :)

Confucius Cat said...

tuna, leftover cat food, milk
cheese, juice, tea
Nice shirt dude.

The Island Cats said...

Yummy...chick-hen, bacon, yogurt

Yucky...jalapeno peppers, dill pickles, hummus

This was fun, Christopher! And we love your mod really looks good on you!!

Daisy said...

Yummy: Watermelon (only Harley likes that stuff), cheese! and our raw foods.
Yucky: Odwalla juice, beer, salsa

Christopher, your shirt is so cool!

peggy and The Cats said...

yummy - ham, butter, milk
yukky - lettuce, wine, pickles

The Meowers from Missouri said...

yum: hammmmm, stinky goodness, bacons
yuk: strawberries, lettuce, shechwun chick-hen (the chick-hen is yummy, but OH! the flames in that shechwun stuff!!)

thanks fur the close-up picture; your threads are truely pawesome!

Grrreta said...

You look absolutely adorable in your mod shirt!

Yummy: nothing...mommy is a vegetarian, so everything in the fridge is yucky.

Yucky: soymilk, rice, broccoli

Rusty said...

Ham, ham and ham.

Broccoli, broccoli, broccoli.

Heh heh.

DEBRA said...

Oh goodness Christopher I am such a finicky eater. I don't like Momma's food very much although it smells divine, once I sniff it that's good enough for me.

But I do like:yummy grilled chicken.
Yucky things in the cold box I would not eat:grapes, squash , jalapeno cheese.


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Yummy: eggs, cheese, yogurt
Yucky: bok choy, parsley, mushrooms

Christopher said...

Yogurt? Shawnee you may have given me an idea.
I bet I'd like some of that if I tried it And there's even some in the fridge!

Maxwell James said...

(i like cheese, ok?)

yucky: rootbeer (smells like medisins to me), toe may toes, and bred

Hey there Christopher! Groovin threads! i am totally diggin this whole retro thing!

ctsheehy said...

This will come in under Mama's name, but it's really us cats answering:
Nina - Yummy: Tuna, turkey, Fancy Feast
Yucky - nearly everything else in the fridge!

Chloe Yummy: Anything that doesn't try to eat me first!
Yucky - I don't know - medicine maybe? I haven't found a food I don't like yet! (Aside from Nina - And her figure shows it!) (aside from Mama - Nina! Be polite! Can you tell these two aren't getting on real well as of yet? Chloe is actually my daughter's cat, just arrived last week, and we're still "adjusting"...)

Angel and Kirby said...

Yummy: Cheese, bacon, Peach Ice cream
Yucky: Medicine, Mustard, salsa

Nük said...

Yummy - I don't know, I never get to eat people food
Yucky - I would guess everything in there. Tofu, Seitan, and all colors of fruits and vegetables.

Everycat said...

Fridge Yums = Cheese, Butter, Rollmop Herrings

Fridge Yucks = Tomatoes,Red Cabbage, Spring Onions

That is a seriously chique shirt Christopher!

Whicky Wuudler

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Cheese, Butter, Sour Creeme, Milk, Ice Cream, Tuna, Ham, Turkey...wait, that's more than three.
YUCKY- Eggs, Orange Jyoose, Pairs, Apples...wait, that's more than three again.

PeeEss- Yer shirt ROCKS!

♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥ said...

We is lovin' your clothes style and that tongue is just too cute!

We like in our fridge some ham and some chicken and some CREAM!

We do not like the watermelon or the celery or the diet Coke.

Ariel said...

Yummy...Baked Ham,Cheddar Cheese,Tuna fish

Yucky...Spinach,plain yogart,celery

Terri said...

My name is Spikey Lee Jones,
I love steak, pork, and ham.
I don't what would be yucky because my mommy is very picky about what I get from the fridge. She tells me "not for kitties." Isn't everything for kitties?

Tiger Lily said...

Hi Christopher. It is good to meet you! I had Mom add you to my Friends list today and I would be pleased if you would visit me.

Yummy ~ turkey and pork and ham
Yucky ~ cucumber sauce and dill pickles and olives

My woofies Zeke and Sushi would probably have the same lists so I will not ask them to think about it right now.


Rufus said...

Hi little fella!

Let me think . . .
Yummy would be the orange cheese, white cheese, and maybe the pastrami.

Yucky would be the week and a half old pork fried rice, the Kahlua coolers, and maybe the pastrami!