Sunday, December 20, 2009

Getting Close to Christmas!

Thanks for the welcome back everyone =)

Moms been a bit under the weather so it's been a bit longer than I'd have liked between posts.
But I gotta new lil netbook so we're back online.

My lil sis Bug didn't win the World's Coolest Dog & Cat Contest she entered but some of our dear friends did, so we cannot complain. We're just thrilled she even made the finals.
One of my Blogger buddies Harley DID win in his catagory Stretch & Yawn! Harley is Daisy the Curly Cat's bro. Concats Harley!

Moms is very late doin this, but she just threw some lights outside tonite. Yeah it's pretty much Christmas already but we just don't want things lookin bleak out there.

Well this is just a quickie post I know.
Mommy heard that plain ol mayonaisse is very good for wrinkles when used as a nite cream.
So I'm gonna try to eat her face later...

TTYL friends,

PS, I was gonna put up a Holiday Wish List on my blog mol but I waited too long!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Going Back Online (I'm baaaack!)

So sorry for yet another hiatus offline. Seems my computer totally died and mom doesn't have a compy at work. We tried to at least send a few notes via a friend's phone to some kitties we know who are ill, and to even take a bus to the library to snag a compy in the rain and just hasn't been working out well for me online lately so I haven't been blogging or Tweeting.

But I'm fine and my family is fine and we're going online for good tonite.
Somehow mommy was cut a check to close out a bank account that she thought was empty...that shoulda been empty...and there was enough to buy a little mini netbook. It's like a kitten-sized laptop!
We'll have that online this evening when the mom gets home from work.

Right now I'm at a public compy and they aren't supposed to let kitties in even if my typist is with me, so I'll make this short as possible.

I'm happy to announce that my new baby sisfur BUG is a finalist in the Catster/Dogster Worlds Coolest Dog & Cat Show. She sent in her pic very late in the game and we had no idea she'd make the finals mol! She's in the Costumes and Shades catagory.
Thanks to everycat who voted. The voting for Best in Show ends the 16th I believe.
She has great company and everyone of the finalists is a potential BinS. They're all great and many of them are our pals =)

Anyway, sorry I missed the NASA and SOYUZ astronauts on Twitter when they went into orbit. I heard there were some hardware problems on the ISP and I'm glad you guys were able to work them out without me there.

Thanks to all who follow me on Blogger and Twitter and plz come and check meowt because I got new stuffs and the holidays are just around the corner =)

Love you all