Thursday, January 1, 2009


I have to close my blog for now.
Thank you whoever read it.
Hopefully someday I can get it back up.


My Blog is Running Late

Please forgive the huge lapse over the important holidays when bogs mean the most.
Truth is, my editor worked her other job straight thru and because of logistics, my actual Christmas was set back.

But we did have a small Christmas time together.
Tha kitties got some cool cards and toys from the snail mailbox.

We had a very low-key New Years because my human grandma is very sick. We're just happy she's here to see 2009. Mom pretty much stressed all thru the holidays with that, work, and the fact that my catfamily member Patrick got real sick as well with his CRF flare-up the day after Christmas. (He's back to feeling good now YAY!)

Somewhere in the middle of Christmas and New Years I got neutered (more about that later).

Overall, we survived and are cautiously looking at 2009.
I think it may be a difficult year, honestly.
(Not to be a big downer or anything.)

But hey, that's why kitties are here, to help with the hard times and make everyone feel better.

I don't know whether I will simply insert the missing blog posts and date them as they were. Or recap in present time. Hmmmmm. I DO have some musings on notepad so I just may put em in sequence.

Am I making this harder than it is or what?
*assembles notes*

Hopefully some catch up entries very soon.