Monday, November 2, 2009

Today's My Birthday!

After a two week hiatus after my brother Pickle's passing and a new keyboard, I'm back blogging on my BIRTHDAY!

I'm 2!

I had some bacon and treats and was given a cool green collar by my Catster pals Nikko and Scooter. The collar was made by Calvin and his mom. His mom makes all kinds of neat stuffs for kitties so go check it out right now

Click the Cat in the Clover

Since I been offline, our stray kitties CC and Summer have been neutered and spayed. A big meow-out to my pal Shawnee Shep and I got stories about those adventures for another day mol!

Mom's been caring for a sick lil kitten. Yes, soon after Pickle's passing but at least mom went into this one knowing there was a good chance the kitten might not make it. So no shocks, you know? Little runt of a litter of 3. Two big kittens that weighed almost 2 lbs and the runt weighed 14oz. The big ones got all the food as well, I guess. All had fleas but the big kitties were only slightly anemic and still playing and active. The runt was white-gummed, weak and seemed twice as infested. She was also dehydrated, had scabs and fur loss from fleas and didn't want to eat much less play.
All were deflead and checked and the big kittens found homes very fast after a few days of vitamins and TLC.
Runt was down and ill. Mom tube fed her and just tried to get her through it.
The kitten was really small and also pretty homely. She looked like an "ugly bug" with her big eyes and scraggly look.
So she became Uggy Bug and now just Bug.
After a week she finally purred (Wednesday) and the next day she played with a string. On Friday she was up and playing and eating all by herself. She's still small statured but has gained some weight finally.
On Saturday Halloween she felt well enough to wear a little costume at mom's job. Here she is:

So that's the basic update and now I'm off to PAWTY on my BIRTHDAY!