Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hiya! I hope everyone is having a nice and safe (and FUN) holiday this year!
Also wishing and purrring for a much better 2011 for us and all of you out there. Been some trying times for everyone.

I'm having a quiet Christmas and there's nothing wrong with that. A cooked chicken and beans in the beanpot and a pumpkin pie =D

We kitties got some toys and I'd like to thank whoever sent the two $5 Petco gift certificates to us from my wishlist. I will give one to my neutered brother Grey. Also, thank you from both Rosalie and I for the VERY nice water fountain for her.
Its PINK and she's a girly girl now that she's all indoors and a she especially likes it =D

Also, thankis for the holiday wishes and love.

This is little Abigail and Grey's first Christmas so this blog entry is short because I have to go and show them how to tear up the Christmas Tree. Its a very small tree this year. And it's gonna be TOAST MOL!!!

Bless You All,



Monday, December 13, 2010

My Brother at The Vet

But it's all good, he just got a neuter. And he's doing FINE!

My brother Grey was from a feral litter. He never tamed much (except with my mommy) but was adopted out as a barn cat...and returned just a few months later.
They'd decided to move and didn't get the neuter they'd said they'd would (they were purrrsonal friends of mom so she believed them) and Grey was acting feral again when he came back.

He kinda had to be retamed and doesn't like any humans but mom. Long story short, unless he finds someone special who he likes, he's staying. I like him a lot. I didn't care for the fact he kept trying to make me his girlfriend recently. Hence, the neuter.

He won't be pulling up to the bumper anymore. Hopefully.

My mom goes to pick him up at around 4:30.
It was about 27F when Grey went to the vet but it should get around 60F later so mom and Grey won't freeze their hineys off. I will post pics of Grey at vet later if mom doesn't run off and forget her camera.

Also, THANK YOU whoever purchased 2 $5 Petco gift ecards off my Wishlist. I will pass one onto my brother Grey if thats ok with everyone =D

Hopefully I can get some pics up of Grey later.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Holidays!

It's been forever since I wrote in my blog. Not that things haven't been happening but because sometimes my typist gets so caught up in her own stuffs, or because we don't want to write about depressing stuffs. Or we just lazy mol!

Things have been okay here.
Over the summer my baby sister Abigail got very ill very fast with pneumonia. She almost died and spent time at the Emergency Urgent Care and then time at our vet inna O2 tent for a few days. She came out of it really well and is FINE! She still petite but a fighter. She cost about $900 now so I guess we gotta keep her mol! (Just kidding, she already kept.)

Right now some of us kitties have some Fall sneezies tho we vaxxed and all. Abby got a cold and we were very worried after the pneumonia thing over the summer but she doin great an never missed a meal an playing right now =) We have a portable nebulizer from her Pneumonia Days and use that for us kitties.

Me, I got no sneezies at all!
I celebrated my birthday November 2. I am THREE years old now.

My older sister Rosalie now official. She spayed and indoors and is loving it! During her spay about twelve weeks ago, what we thought was a sore tooth turned out to be severe stomatitis. This is very painful and only cured (most times) by surgery, but the surgery is very expensive and averages about $1500. We are caring for her to reduce inflammation and make her comfortable without surgery right now. And she is feeling much better and can eat without crying out. She seems a lot happier and we doing what we can. She even has a Twitter account so follow her at @MissRosalie.

I have some pics. My photographer sux so please forgive me.

Pardon the blur~it's an action shot:

This is a groovy picture of my little sisfur Abigail:

And this is my sisfur Rosalie at the bus stop
coming home from the vet.

I promise not to be gone so long again! I've missed everyone sooo much! I'm looking forward to celebrating the holidays with my online family too =)

Stay tuned!