Friday, February 26, 2010

I am Sunshine-y!

I have recieved a most coveted award from a seriously groovy guinea pig named Mookie! THANK YOU!!!


Now that is cool! Thanks Mookie and I'm happy I brought some sunshine into your life (as well as some good nip).
Of course joy is best shared so I am passing this award to 12 other blogs who brighten the days with Sunshine!
This was a really hard choice because all of the linkies I love rock!

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To accept your award you must also pass it on to 12 other recipents and post their blogs up (like I have done) along with their award and of course send a comment to them telling them how they have brought SUNSHINE to you and send your linky.


Now, in all reality, you winners may not have a large enough blog circle, or time to send out the full 12 awards to others.
It is perfectly cool to just pass one or a few on. And if you already have a Sunshine Blog Award (Lucky You!) Just put this one beside the other =)

And now...Spread the SUNSHINE!!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kitty Kounter Kulture (or Grow Your Own)

Catnip, nip, herb, know what I'm talking about.

Catnip is a herb that makes cat's high. As you know. Most cats get frisky and silly but a few are mean drunks. The effect lasts, oh, about 20 minutes before the kitty chills out. Some get the munchies and most will sort of nod out for a bit.
It's non-addictive (Right guys?) and no tolerance is built up even if used on a regular basis.
(Just to be safe, put a few days between each serious bender. You don't wanna be trying to score in an alley someday.)

About 75% of cats get high off nip. The rest are not interested. It's a genetic thing. Most cats under 6 months old don't respond which is ok because if you aren't old enough to roll your own, you're too young to hit it.

The magic in catnip is the oil nepetalactone or 4,7-dimethyl-5,6,7,7a-tetrahydrocyclopenta[c]pyran-1(4aH)-one.

^ This makes kitty happy! ^

How to Get It
The easiest way to get some is to buy it already processed from a reputable dealer. Just make sure it's fresh and has no fillers. (You don't want it cut with oregano unless you're making a pizza.)
You can even score on eBay.

And some garden centers have it already growing fresh in little pots. Very cool! (And some herb garden centers will even carry the aformentioned other kitty drug plants.)

The BEST Way
Grow your own!
Remember, catnip is a member of the mint family and can take over a garden, which is a good thing, of course. But you'll want to take that into consideration.

Soil and Sun
Catnip likes an average, well-drained soil and full to partial sun.

Sow seeds when the last frost is over or sow in the fall to sprout first thing in the spring. Catnip is perrenial and can grow for many years. In harsh climates you can treat it as an annual and sow it new each year.

Sow seeds about 1/8 inch deep and keep moist but not soggy. Baby plants called "seedlings" (cute name, huh) should pop up in abot 10-20 days. When the little plants are about 4-5 inches tall you can thin them to 15-20 inches apart.

The Secret to BUDS
When your little plants make the first set of true leaves, pinch the little stem that begins to grow from the middle of them. In a few days it will branch. Then, pinch those and on and on. Since catnip buds on the ends of the branches, more branches more BUDS!

The Shape of Things
You want to aim for a green, compact, and bushy plant. Too pale, too leggy and not dense means you need more light and more pinching.

Premium Nip
Just like grapes, if you want a sweet and strong harvest, grow it in sandy/well-drained soil and keep it on the dry side. Drench then let it dry between waterings. You want to encourage the nip to produce more oils. Yeah!

It's all good but buds are the best. Cut early in the day and hang the stems upside down in a shady place to dry. (Some of you looking for an especially potent treat can try fresh nip straight off the plant.)

Her's an awesome step by step diary of catnip culture by a kitty named Stella Click It!

For Peoples
Since peoples also read this blog, I know they're going "but what about ME?".
So I want you to know I haven't forgotten you. Yes, peoples can use catnip for a variety of things.
In fact, the online drug-bible Vaults of Erowid * has an entry about catnip!


* The Vaults of Erowid is a valuable source of information about drugs from caffiene to heroin. Even a non-user like my mommy finds the first-person experience stories very interesting. There's medical and scientific information and indentification. The site isn't biased pro or con and shows all angles.
So find out about the world around you and educate yourself. You may even find some everyday things you ingest are in Erowid's Vault.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Just "saw" the radar and the snows are coming with 1-2 inches in the Texas Hill Country and maybe just a dusting on the city.

Snow flurry pics are comin in from the northside of town.
I'm in the far south...a tad warmer usually.
That's ok.

I'm still waiting for it on my house.

*waits in anticipation*




*falls to knees*

Monday, February 22, 2010

Last Chance!!!


We have one last chance for a freak (AN I MEAN FREAK) snow here in south Texas!!!

I cannot believe this because our winter is ovah and it was, like 80 degrees F here yesterday. No joke.

Tomorrow morning they say a freaky deaky snow is likely and that we may get some to stick on the northside of town (I'm in the south but that's ok). Even if it doesn't hit the ground...There is a chance for the white stuffs to make flakey goodness in the sky!

Then right back to spring.
But that doesn't matter now because we got one last chance!
We had a couple of kinda chances this winter, more than ever really, but blew em all.
This time I ain't messin around. I'm purrrin for snow...

Ok everybody. One more time with feeling ....purrrrin for SNOW!

This is it my friends! Now or nothing for, like, ever!

Round up the purrrs and wooofs cause we're makin some SNOW in south Texas tomorrow!!

*unpacks his jacket from the closet*


Thursday, February 11, 2010

ReHoming Kitties in Urgent Situation


Momma and Pero have been rehomed to a wonderful young couple in their momma's area. She's feeling lonely without them of course but is in contact with the new family.
Very Good News!

Also, my brofur Little Red turned FIVE years old today so a big MEOW-OUT to my bro! To celebrate I've asked him to co-blog with me here. After he signs up and gets his desk together he'll start adding things here. Because I'm blind, he may do like movie reviews or something mol.
Anyhow, thanks for your response for my pal PeroDaCat and I will post any updates.

Ya know, I don't want my blog to be just about fund-raising and emergency pleas. Those things go out on Twitter (and boy, do I bug everyone MOL). But like I said, sometimes things overflow on here...and I am grateful beyond meows for your help.

Please remember: even if you can't help financially for a cause, PLEASE pass the word along! Facebook, Twitter, messageboards, blogs. That really helps =)

Have a wonderful day everyone.
(Happy Birthday Little Red!)


When it rains it pours. Literally. It's flooding where I live. But more about that later as I'm dry and safe.

What's urgent is my friend PeroDaCat and his catfamily members need to be rehomed. You see, his loving mommy is going into an assisted living home and there is no one to care for the cat-children so we need to find loving homes.

Put yourself in his mom's position...scary, isn't it, the thought of your babies being in total limbo!

Here's where YOU and anyone you can pass this message to, comes in:

We are trying to raise funds to rehome these cats.
Pero's mom would appreciate it be in the Phoenix AZ area.

But wherever the best home is...they'll go. We need people who can home these sweet babies! Knowing it may take a cross-country move to do it, it isn't going to be cheap so my dear doggie pal Ginger Walker has set up a fund and organizing for this. (Man, ain't she something!)

Click for Details

Pero is laid back around 2 0r 3. Mammacat is a little bossy but cuddly also and about 1.5 years old. Gwin (da Panther) is smart and silly and Abby is a shy tortie over 10. (I'll try to get pics later.)

If anyone can help beyond a donation (rehoming, moving, freqent flyer miles or whatever) or need more info drop a line.
You can also reach us on Twitter (DM is best so's well see it). Be sure and mention PeroDaCat:

@ChrisGroove1 (me)
@ForeverGinger (Ginger Walker)
@catsalady (Pero's mom)
@PeroDaCat (Pero)

Thanks a lot, pals!


Okay onto the flood. Ya know we missed out on even a snowflake while most everybody else got snows. Lots of it! It's sad because here they actually had to truck in 12000lbs of blown snow for some schoolkids. They never get to see it here.
We actually had to BUY snow! It's snowin in North Texas but we're too far South and within the curve of the Gulf Coast and Mexico.

And to think everybody else is getting it for FREE!
How fair is that?? Oh well, we missed the snow and getting the ice-water flood instead. Why? Why?
And I live in a flood zone. YAY!

The thing about snows is that it doesn't come into your house like water does...

So far so dry for me.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mommacat Thanks You and So Do I!


As of earlier today Aveta and her babies were out of the kill pound and on their way to Winging Cat Rescue! They are safe.*

*Punapipurri, you have set your profile on private and I couldn't answer you back about the kitty. I hope you will see it here.

Avena's Story (w/happy ending!)

I don't normally put up chipins for donations on my blog. I do Tweet fact, I pimp those that touch my heart pretty hard.
This was one of those and it spilled over into my blog.

Imagine being a heavily pregnant cat on death row at a high kill gassing pound with very little chance if any. (I won't go into the deatils of how gassing is done or the cruelty it entails.)

Winging Cat Rescue, one of the absolutely last chances to pull kitties of death row sends an urgent plea and a chipin is set up with a goal to pull and vet this unfortunate cat named Aveta. Just look at her picture...her eyes are terrified.

Shortly after she is taken into death row, the kitty goes into labor and gives birth to 7 kittens in her cage. Born in prison. I can only imagine her pain and fear in a crowded unknown place, trying to nurse her babies that will die with her. Even worse, how she will try to protect them and fight for them as the family is being gassed...

It broke my heart! I hit Twitter like a maniac and pimped this fund and didn't go to sleep until after 2am. I'm poor, I won't lie (see previous posts mol) but I scraped up $10 because every $ counts.
Twitter pals and Blogger pals and Catster pals passed the word and today we have SUCCESS!
I was just a small part of this, a drop of water in an ocean, but it all came together because of YOU and WINGING CAT.

Since babies were born after the intial chipin was set up, generous people have donated at this time, an extra $25! Fund goal has been met 116% as I write!
Any extra for the new babies is genuinely appreciated!

Check out the great peoples at Winging Cat Rescue

Man, what a great day!
I'd like to thank my own special angel Daisy as well.

~Many Purrrs

Monday, February 8, 2010

Purrrin for SNOW!

On Dec 2nd I wrote in my Catster diary that we were due a freak snowfall here...70% chance. Well, it turned warm and the sun shone and we didn't get anything.
We've had some cold days since and plenty of sloppy weather but no snow or even any swirly flakes.

Ok, I may be blind but I wanna "see" snow here!
Maybe it won't stick to the ground but I wanna go out in the swirlies at least.

Nine weeks later (today) the weather is (maybe) gearing for snow again. If we don't get it this time we probably won't get another chance this year. It gets HOT here early in the year and summers last forever. To put it in perspective, the last time snow fell and stuck (it was about 8 inches) was 25 years ago.


1, Within hours we are going to get a rainstorm and lots of hail. It hails here a lot so that's no biggie. Temps will drop steady and it will rain ice water all nite.

2, Tuesday it will be in the 40s and cloudy.

3, Tuesday nite it will freeze.

4, Wednesday morning it will start to rain lightly then turn to sleet and, hopefully, SNOW. 50% chance.

5, Wednesday night...more of the same chance of SNOW. 60% chance.

6, Thursday morning 70% chance COME ON COME ON then it will get a lil warmer and rain. (Thats ok.)

7, Thursday night gets cold again and the chance of SLEET/SNOW goes back up to 60%.

After that....well, no more.

So you see, we have a few periods that may see snowfall. In south Texas if snow falls, even if it doesn't stick, people call all their friends, get the children up, and run outside at 3am!!



Just got this urgent call!

Sweet mamma cat just gave birth to seven babies in kill pound while on death row. SUPER URGENT!
We almost have enough for Winging Cat Rescue to pull her. Every dollar counts. Let's save her and her babies.