Thursday, February 11, 2010

ReHoming Kitties in Urgent Situation


Momma and Pero have been rehomed to a wonderful young couple in their momma's area. She's feeling lonely without them of course but is in contact with the new family.
Very Good News!

Also, my brofur Little Red turned FIVE years old today so a big MEOW-OUT to my bro! To celebrate I've asked him to co-blog with me here. After he signs up and gets his desk together he'll start adding things here. Because I'm blind, he may do like movie reviews or something mol.
Anyhow, thanks for your response for my pal PeroDaCat and I will post any updates.

Ya know, I don't want my blog to be just about fund-raising and emergency pleas. Those things go out on Twitter (and boy, do I bug everyone MOL). But like I said, sometimes things overflow on here...and I am grateful beyond meows for your help.

Please remember: even if you can't help financially for a cause, PLEASE pass the word along! Facebook, Twitter, messageboards, blogs. That really helps =)

Have a wonderful day everyone.
(Happy Birthday Little Red!)


When it rains it pours. Literally. It's flooding where I live. But more about that later as I'm dry and safe.

What's urgent is my friend PeroDaCat and his catfamily members need to be rehomed. You see, his loving mommy is going into an assisted living home and there is no one to care for the cat-children so we need to find loving homes.

Put yourself in his mom's position...scary, isn't it, the thought of your babies being in total limbo!

Here's where YOU and anyone you can pass this message to, comes in:

We are trying to raise funds to rehome these cats.
Pero's mom would appreciate it be in the Phoenix AZ area.

But wherever the best home is...they'll go. We need people who can home these sweet babies! Knowing it may take a cross-country move to do it, it isn't going to be cheap so my dear doggie pal Ginger Walker has set up a fund and organizing for this. (Man, ain't she something!)

Click for Details

Pero is laid back around 2 0r 3. Mammacat is a little bossy but cuddly also and about 1.5 years old. Gwin (da Panther) is smart and silly and Abby is a shy tortie over 10. (I'll try to get pics later.)

If anyone can help beyond a donation (rehoming, moving, freqent flyer miles or whatever) or need more info drop a line.
You can also reach us on Twitter (DM is best so's well see it). Be sure and mention PeroDaCat:

@ChrisGroove1 (me)
@ForeverGinger (Ginger Walker)
@catsalady (Pero's mom)
@PeroDaCat (Pero)

Thanks a lot, pals!


Okay onto the flood. Ya know we missed out on even a snowflake while most everybody else got snows. Lots of it! It's sad because here they actually had to truck in 12000lbs of blown snow for some schoolkids. They never get to see it here.
We actually had to BUY snow! It's snowin in North Texas but we're too far South and within the curve of the Gulf Coast and Mexico.

And to think everybody else is getting it for FREE!
How fair is that?? Oh well, we missed the snow and getting the ice-water flood instead. Why? Why?
And I live in a flood zone. YAY!

The thing about snows is that it doesn't come into your house like water does...

So far so dry for me.


Angel and Kirby said...

Christopher, We are purring that you are high and dry! We do have lots of snow here in North Texas! You have mom really wondering where in South Texas you live!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Purrs for you to stay high and dry!

Charlemagne and Tamar said...

We hope that PeroDaCat, Mammacat, Gwin and Abby all find a wonderful home together! Sending all the purrs we can for this to happen for them.

Hoping that you stay safe and dry in the flooding,
Charlemagne and Tamar

Marjorie Dawson said...

I hope you keep dry? Being a wet kitty is no fun.

Ariel said...

I will be purring real hard that they all find good homes.I'm glad to hear your safe and dry...Hugs

Ariel said...

Hi Christopher,

I read what you said about Lil Red.I can't believe she forgot him and his sweet face...Her lost.I wanted to write him a note yet I no longer have a Catster account.Please tell him I said hi and that he will always be my sweet and very cute friend.I will never forget him....Hugs Ariel

Ariel said...

Glad everything work out well for Pero.I'm glad to hear Lil Red will be co-blogging with you.I also want to wish him a belated Happy Birthday...Hugs

Charlemagne and Tamar said...

Yay that the kitties found a new home! And happy birthday to you, Little Red!

Have a nice weekend,
Charlemagne and Tamar