Sunday, September 6, 2009

EBay Bidders Get Out of Our way! Mol!

Thankfully your purrrs have dropped the temps a bit and the weatherman says only 93 today!
Still pretty hot but MUCH better than 101-107 in our record-breaking endless south Texas summer. And yup, our a/c went out a few days ago...just burnt up from being pushed too hard and after the warrenty expired of course, mol.

You guys and girls have sent in some great ideas. We checked Freecycle locally and found no a/cs being given away but we saw (among other things) some free puppies. MOL! Puppies seem an odd thing to be recycled!

The PayPal donation button is a good idea and mommy just may put one up for a little stray kitty she's feeding. Her family moved off and left her preggers. She's pretty wild. And she had two gorgeous babies in the kitty house mom built on the porch. They're maybe going on three weeks now. Mom wants to get her spayed soon.
We've been thru the low-cost fix deals and people start getting on the list at the mobile unit reeeeal early. Mom got there at 3am and was 21st in line and was turned away.
Since mom has no car she has no where to wait but on the curb with a carrier and it isn't safe to spend the night sleeping out there, mol. After being turned away 4 times mom gave up on that. We tried going to the actual brick and mortar clinic but the voicemail is always full and we can't even get in. There are some other programs but mom doesn't qualify for any type of public assistance so that worked against her.
Honestly, the low-cost programs aren't so good when mom has to take a day off work to meet the schedules and lose a day of pay.
She was lucky to snag her minimum wage job after losing two jobs in 2009 and needs the hours.

SO we just may try that ol PayPal button and take the kitty to a regular vet. That way she spends the day and we have someone to call who will be familiar with her case if need be. If we decide to try that we will post a picture of her all spayed and her invoice ;)

And WOOHOO mom took the TV to the Paw shop and they gave her some money for it and we're gonna get an a/c from eBay. Brand new, free ship, cheaper than the sky-high prices locally. Seller has great feedback and sends follow-up emails. Mommy's bidding on it so nobody better outbid her!!!

Teehee, I couldn't see that TV anyway!



Cheysuli and gemini said...

I am glad that she was able to get a new air conditioner! I hope that soon you will get a television again! Purrs to you all! We will keep an eye out for your donation button.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Glad you'll be getting an a/c unit. It's tough when green papers are tight and you have no car. We hope the best for the kitty.

Ariel said...

I so know how you feel our air conditioner just broke down a week ago.Poor mom is sick and couldn't even get her medicine(when the lady told her the price mom almost fainted).I'm glad your getting a new ac....Hugs

Pickles said...

2009 has not been a good year for green papers for anybody.

Hopin it will get better soon!

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear that you will have cool air when it's scorching hot outside. That kind of heat can make any creature sick, even if they don't have a fur coat!

The Island Cats said...

Oh we're glad that you're gonna get that A/C and it will be cooler for you!

RareClay Studios said...

Hey Roxann,

Sorry to hear your a/c went out. I hope you win the bid on the ebay unit. I love your dancing kitty at the bottom of the post. Where did you get that dancing icon from? I would love to do one for Pearly Girly and Tiberius....


Christopher said...

Jackie, that icon isn't me mol! But it looks just like me so mommy snagged it off the web =)
It makes her laff!

Wooooo 6 hours to go till the end of the auction!


Furkidsmom said...

We know how bad it is when it's too hot. We're glad you got a new air conditioner.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Has your mom email my mom about spaying the kitteh. We has a rescue group and we has grant money for that so we can take care of paying for that for you.

Christopher said...

Oh thank you Shawnee...I just don't have enough meows to express how grateful we are for your generous help.

And it looks like that A/C on eBay is almost ours. Less than 50 minutes left in the auction!

*many purrrrs*

Angel and Kirby said...

The biding should be over now. Did you win the AC unit. We are purring for you. We are glad you heave help with the kitty!

Daisy said...

Christopher, I am so glad it got a little cooler there, and that you will soon get a new A/C, I hope!

Did you win the bid on ebay?!?

Christopher said...

We sure DID!