Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rescue Stories

SORRY about the two-week hiatus =(

Mom was busy with work and having the flu and stuffs.
Our A/C works great and that is a good thing! We had two quite cool and rainy days (niiice) but now back to 95.

I'm happy to say that thanks to Shawnee the Shepherd the stray mommy kitty that we've been caring for will get a spay. This sure helps us a LOT. They keep sending mommy home early from work and her two-week paycheck looked more like a one-week paycheck, mol.
But luckily...we GOT a paycheck. Lotsa peoples don't these days...

The stray babies are two hissing spitting little balls of fluff haha. It's fun and rewarding to tame little wildies. I like em a lot. They're longhaired girls and they smells GOOD! The babies will be adopted out and we will continue to feed and care for mommy cat. I think we will name her SUMMER. She will probably get into the vet next week for her surgery.

The other rescue is more of a real rescue. A kitty scared and stuck in the ceiling of a business. Mom was shocked to find out there was a kitty up there, or so the employees were pretty sure it went up there, she had no idea! When mommy asked when they believed the kitty went up there they said about 5-6 days before when a woman came in with it and let it go! She had it in a box trying to get rid of it. This was in JULY with temps 102-107 everyday! Kitty in the ceiling with no food and water and you know it must be even hotter up there =( Didn't anyone care? What if it died up there?

Mom went and borrowed a trap right away and by the next morning she had a terrified, wild soft grey kitty boy about 4 months old. She had to wrestle him with leather gloves into a carrier. Luckily he wasn't too dehydrated and was probably coming down to drink from the toilet at night.

Long story short...he's my pal now. He likes us kitties and is trusting mommy enough to let her pet him. He took a lot of work. He's skittish but he purrrs and plays now. Before he didn't know what a toy was and I think he'd been abused. (He'd duck and cower if you reached towards his head like he'd been punched...and terrified if you even raise your voice.)

His name is CC. That's short for Ceiling Cat. He's a REAL ceiling cat, mol.
His fur is super soft like a rabbit but I don't think he's part rabbit or anything.
CC will get a neuter some time later. Right now it's more important that outside wild kitty gets fixed so she doesn't have more babies.

Anyway, I'm doing good and we're hanging in there.
Sorry to be away. I missed everyone.
I'm back now.



Angel and Kirby said...

You have been very busy. We are glad CC is settling in. We hope Mom is feeling better and gets to work a full week.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Wow! You get to live with Ceiling Cat! Good for you!!!

I am glad that your Mom is so kind as to rescue all these cats. I hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Ariel said...

Hi Christopher,

Glad your back.I'm so glad your mom helped CC it amazes me how cruel some people can be.Your mom's a true angel and deserves big hugs.

Grrreta said...

Your mom is such a kind and caring person to rescue CC and the stray babies. They are all very lucky kitties. We're so glad CC is safe now.

Daisy said...

Christopher, I missed you! I am glad your A/C is working well for you.

Your mom has a real good heart.

The Island Cats said...

Glad you are doing okay, Christopher...but you sure have been busy! We hope your mom is feeling better too...we're happy that you all are rescuing those kitties!

brandi said...

We love good rescue kitty stories! Rescuing animals....well you see, I am a rescue kitty, too, so I especially like good rescue kitty stories. Don't we all wish we could rescue effurryone?? Glad CC gets to live with you!

Ikaika said...

Welcome back, Christopher! Your Mom is very good to help wild kitty and Ceiling Cat. Purrs to all of you ...


Tuck said...

Wow, Christopher, CC is so lucky that your mom found him! He has a great home now and doesn't ever have to worry about someone being mean to him again.