Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rescue Stories

SORRY about the two-week hiatus =(

Mom was busy with work and having the flu and stuffs.
Our A/C works great and that is a good thing! We had two quite cool and rainy days (niiice) but now back to 95.

I'm happy to say that thanks to Shawnee the Shepherd the stray mommy kitty that we've been caring for will get a spay. This sure helps us a LOT. They keep sending mommy home early from work and her two-week paycheck looked more like a one-week paycheck, mol.
But luckily...we GOT a paycheck. Lotsa peoples don't these days...

The stray babies are two hissing spitting little balls of fluff haha. It's fun and rewarding to tame little wildies. I like em a lot. They're longhaired girls and they smells GOOD! The babies will be adopted out and we will continue to feed and care for mommy cat. I think we will name her SUMMER. She will probably get into the vet next week for her surgery.

The other rescue is more of a real rescue. A kitty scared and stuck in the ceiling of a business. Mom was shocked to find out there was a kitty up there, or so the employees were pretty sure it went up there, she had no idea! When mommy asked when they believed the kitty went up there they said about 5-6 days before when a woman came in with it and let it go! She had it in a box trying to get rid of it. This was in JULY with temps 102-107 everyday! Kitty in the ceiling with no food and water and you know it must be even hotter up there =( Didn't anyone care? What if it died up there?

Mom went and borrowed a trap right away and by the next morning she had a terrified, wild soft grey kitty boy about 4 months old. She had to wrestle him with leather gloves into a carrier. Luckily he wasn't too dehydrated and was probably coming down to drink from the toilet at night.

Long story short...he's my pal now. He likes us kitties and is trusting mommy enough to let her pet him. He took a lot of work. He's skittish but he purrrs and plays now. Before he didn't know what a toy was and I think he'd been abused. (He'd duck and cower if you reached towards his head like he'd been punched...and terrified if you even raise your voice.)

His name is CC. That's short for Ceiling Cat. He's a REAL ceiling cat, mol.
His fur is super soft like a rabbit but I don't think he's part rabbit or anything.
CC will get a neuter some time later. Right now it's more important that outside wild kitty gets fixed so she doesn't have more babies.

Anyway, I'm doing good and we're hanging in there.
Sorry to be away. I missed everyone.
I'm back now.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just a Brief Note

Our a/c arrived yesterday as mom was getting ready to go to work. It was supposed to arrive this coming Monday. Mom's glad she happened to be home to get it...well, at least if it's going to arrive off schedule at least it came EARLY, haha!

Mom's pretty sick with a chest/head cold so she'll load the a/c in the window later tonite after work. Besides, the temp has gone down a bit because we finally have rain. In fact, we're flooding now. Ah, south Texas weather! Supposed to be mid 90s next week and even if it does cool off, well, we'll need it for next year. We kinda skip Spring and barrel right into summer anyway.

But we got it =)

Since mom's not feeling so great and working thru it, I'm just sending a brief entry thanking everyone for their purrrrs and woofs. It rushed that a/c right in!
Have a GREAT weekend everyone!


Monday, September 7, 2009

YAY! eBay A/C is OURS!

Mommy got such a headache from the heat and anticipation of the eBay auction that she lay down during the last hour of bidding and fell asleep!

If you ever do eBay you know there's peoples called "snipers" who wait till the last moment to outbid. (Um, not that mommy has EVER done that...oh, no.) Luckily no snipers and when mommy got up today we'd WON! Mommy just zipped the PayPal thru and it should leave the warehouse in 2 days! It's comin from New Jersey (Heyyyyy I wonder of Shawnee Shepherd has anything to do with this?? MOL!) and being brought by a truck.

Yeah, it got hotter yesterday than the weatherman said it and the rest of the week about 95 still. The rain, well, it never did come back. But better than 101-107 (official) it's been.
Funny cause two weeks ago mom took a small outdoor thermometer with her on her errands to see the actual temp that was on her. The TV said it was 102. But as mom stood at the busstop at the shade...over grass...the thermometer said 104. Ina shade.

The day it said 109 in the backyard, mom took an aluminniumum pie plate an put it on the driveway and put the thermometer inside. When it maxxed out she put a candy thermomter in it and when the temp in the pan got to 132 degrees she cracked an egg in it and scrambled an egg in the driveway MOL! MOL!
Why? To see if she could ;)

At least 95 isn't egg-cookin weather and just knowing we'll hopefully have an a/c late in the week makes it easier to sweat it out. YAY!

And a very special meow-out and big THANKS to my doggie friend Shawnee Shepherd . She's helping get my stray kitty friend spayed. We're going to keep caring for the kitty (she's pretty wild) and have homes for the two little daughters when they're weaned and ready. We gotta figure out a name for the little mommy cat and mom's gotta sneak out and try to get a pic as well.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

EBay Bidders Get Out of Our way! Mol!

Thankfully your purrrs have dropped the temps a bit and the weatherman says only 93 today!
Still pretty hot but MUCH better than 101-107 in our record-breaking endless south Texas summer. And yup, our a/c went out a few days ago...just burnt up from being pushed too hard and after the warrenty expired of course, mol.

You guys and girls have sent in some great ideas. We checked Freecycle locally and found no a/cs being given away but we saw (among other things) some free puppies. MOL! Puppies seem an odd thing to be recycled!

The PayPal donation button is a good idea and mommy just may put one up for a little stray kitty she's feeding. Her family moved off and left her preggers. She's pretty wild. And she had two gorgeous babies in the kitty house mom built on the porch. They're maybe going on three weeks now. Mom wants to get her spayed soon.
We've been thru the low-cost fix deals and people start getting on the list at the mobile unit reeeeal early. Mom got there at 3am and was 21st in line and was turned away.
Since mom has no car she has no where to wait but on the curb with a carrier and it isn't safe to spend the night sleeping out there, mol. After being turned away 4 times mom gave up on that. We tried going to the actual brick and mortar clinic but the voicemail is always full and we can't even get in. There are some other programs but mom doesn't qualify for any type of public assistance so that worked against her.
Honestly, the low-cost programs aren't so good when mom has to take a day off work to meet the schedules and lose a day of pay.
She was lucky to snag her minimum wage job after losing two jobs in 2009 and needs the hours.

SO we just may try that ol PayPal button and take the kitty to a regular vet. That way she spends the day and we have someone to call who will be familiar with her case if need be. If we decide to try that we will post a picture of her all spayed and her invoice ;)

And WOOHOO mom took the TV to the Paw shop and they gave her some money for it and we're gonna get an a/c from eBay. Brand new, free ship, cheaper than the sky-high prices locally. Seller has great feedback and sends follow-up emails. Mommy's bidding on it so nobody better outbid her!!!

Teehee, I couldn't see that TV anyway!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm HOT (and not in a good way)

As you may or may not know, I live in south Texas. This year we've had the longest, hottest summer on record. Yeah, we do hit a couple 100s on most summers, but this year 101-107 (offical temps) for about 2.5 months straight. Of oourse out on the terrain it's even hotter. This, with a high humidity. People here who are pretty used to hot climates are suffering not to mention the animals. Some peoples have died and we're having recurring weather alert days for poor air quality~high ozone~because of the intense heat and humidity.

Which brings me to the jolly news at hand: last night our A/C went out. It's just over two years old (no more warrenty of course) but the intense summer must've burned our window unit out. Mom just started her new and minimum wage job and this is NO time for this box in the window to go out! *hisssss*

But it's September, you meow. Yes, yes it is. And I must admit it IS a bit cooler now. Today is predicted to be "only" 98-99 degrees. Which is better than 107 I must meow....but still, Ima fryin. It's about 87 inside right now with fans at 11am. I don't know what it will be when it gets hottest at 5pm. Mom goes to work in a bit and she'll be in A/C and she wishes she could take the cat family with her but she can't (we have a group of 7).

So, I'm HOT.

If you could send some purrrrs for cooler weather...maybe that we even have a Fall, I would really appreciate it. I know the power of the Paw and Purrr can work miracles but can it change the weather, mol?

Sweatfully Yours,