Friday, March 5, 2010

Hi Ho Off to Work Mom Goes (With a Tiny Kitty) =)

First of all, thank you for the encouraging words.
Mom was really sad this morning when she wrapped the tiny kitten's body in a little hand towel and buried her.
It's dark and looking like rain...

Mom felt better after I read your nice words to her. The kitten's passing wasn't unexpected but still it's so very sad. Tiny kittens are already such little explorers with purrrsonalities. All brand-new.

Anyway, mom's feeding the surviving baby girl kitten small feedings every two hours so as not to overburden her tiny system after not eating for a while. We will work up to every 4-5 hours. (A big YAY on that.) She's eating the daily portion for her weight. She now weighs a whopping 7 ounces full.
The baby looks forward to being picked up and fed and rejected the kitten bottle for a syringe with a long skinny teat that you feed marsupials with. (So she thinks she's a sugar glider?)
Whatever works =)

To keep the baby on her schedule, mom's packed an "overnite" bag for her and is taking the baby to work. Actually mom's not working overnite but 2-8:30 pm. (Overnite for a tiny kitten.)

What's wierd is that baby purrrs louder than me!
I'm not kidding. Mom puts the baby under her neck and skritches and pats it and it rumbles so loud and burps and stuff. Mom likes that.
She rubs its hiney with cotton balls and I'm kind of jealous of that because mom never rubbed my hiney. Of course I was three months old when mom found me, but still!

Mom will have a co-worker take some pics of the baby on his phone and I will post them as soon as he e-mails me the pics.

Some of you asked if we had a Paypal button. We do have a Paypal account but not sure how to do a button. We just use the Paypal address so mom can send a few dollars when she has it to help kitty rescues. Which reminds me:

Concats! @Michelles_Cats, a lady in Bakersfield CA who alters strays, that Ginger is 100% funded and was able to go in today for her emergency spay. Yay Ginger!

You see, it's so very important to spay/neuter so little babies aren't born unwanted like the tiny kittens mom was tossed.* Way to go @Michelles_Cats!

*The little girlcat mom's taking care of is wanted now that she's here...but it's BEST to prevent a litter in the first place.

Thanks for the purrrs and good thoughts and hopefully the little kitten will stay strong and grow up. Tinies are fragile.



Cheysuli and gemini said...

We are sorry that things ended the way they did for the tiny kit. At least she was cared for at the end. Purrs to all of you. Good luck with the other baby.

Angel and Kirby said...

We don't understand hoe any one could treat the tiny babies like these were! You Mom is a saint for doing every thing she could for the little one. We are purring that the other tiny kitten will grow up to be big and strong.

Brian said...

Your Mom is very special for helping the wee one. I wish more humans had a heart like that.

Anonymous said...

Christopher - Can you post the email address tied to your mommy's paypal account so those of us who can will be able to donate to help you with expenses?

If your mommy doesn't want to do that, she could maybe call paypal to find out about the button. They are very helpful. I am happy that at least one tiny baby survived.

Daisy said...

If you cannot post the Paypal button on your account it would be great if you could give us your Paypal e-mail address!

My Mommeh works similar hours, from 11:30 - 8:00 pm, so she knows how hard it is to get home so late.

I cannot wait to see a picture of the bebbeh.

Laila and Minchie said...

That is so wonderful that your mom is helping the little kitten.

It's really easy to add a PayPal button to your blog. At PayPal, click on the Merchant Services link. Under Create Buttons, click Donate and from there it's pretty self explanatory. We did this once on our blog and it was very simple. We would like to donate.

Christopher said...

Again, your kind words mean a lot!

Took couple of cute pics last nite of the kitten. Just waiting for mom's co-worker to email the pics from his phone =)

Thanks for the PayPal button info...never knew they had a "create button" thingie right on the account mol! Mom's off to work in five minutes (literally) gotta gather up the tiny baby and get the bus.

I'll be back later and hopefully we'll have PICS =)