Monday, October 19, 2009

Thank You for Your Sympathy

Thank you all for the outpouring of love and concern for my little brother Pickles.
He was buried about four feet from our "catio" as mommy begins to work on it during the cooler months.

Mommy is very sad and feeling depressed what a sad holiday season this will be without our human grandma and Patrick and now Pickles.
Working on the catio will be good therapy, no?

I promise to be a very good boy and help take care of mommy and the other kitties and help with the holidays.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Baby Bro Pickles Has Passed Away ='(

Our baby Pickles died in the wee hours this morning.
A siezure mommy thinks.
He was just too tiny and fragile and sweet for this Earth.
My bro Patrick passed Aug 4 of CRF and sent him as a light to help mommy thru her grief, and now that little light has gone out too.
Life is full of cruel jokes I dont know why ='(
Its not fair. Mommy is very upset and we may take some time away.

Pickles my little friend, brother and co-blogger I love you.
Rest in Peace tiny baby.

Many Tears

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All Dumped Kittens Have Homes!/w Edit!

Yes they all have homes:

Now Mommy's going to concentrate on getting her stray mommacat's two babies adopted now. Going to get a pic of them later today. Nice fat fluffies. Moms camera is dumb and says it's card is full and it only has TWO pics on it. Then it won't delete. We'll try to get a pic up of Summer and CC too, ok?
Mom will call the vet to make a date for mommacat (Summer) to get spayed and our rescue CC neutered. Vet is going out of town a couple of days but Wednesday next week looks good!!

EDIT! The nice peoples who'd come to look at one of mommacat's fuzzy babies came back and picked her up just now! They have a Siamese wnho wants a playmate =)



Sunday, October 11, 2009

Two Kittens Re-Homed

Just a quick Sunday update on the abandoned kittens (details last two entries).

One of the little box-kittens has a new home. Yes, he was a bit young (6 weeks) but the lady has experience with younguns.
Also, the beautiful "roadside" kitty has a good home with a very nice couple and their gentle young son.

Now we just have two of the box-kittens and momma's own 2 fluffy kittens (pulled from wild stray kitty Summer). Hopefully, mom can get a day off work this coming week (been filling in for a hurt co-worker) so she can get Summer into the vet for a spay. Hang in there Shawnee Shepherd! We haven't forgotten your generous offer!

Mom also needs to get our CC neutered. He was trapped from being in a ceiling for 6 days. YES he is a REAL Ceiling Cat, mol!
But he's indoors with me and he isn't spraying yet and everyone else is fixed so the priority is wild mommacat Summer. Her two babies are GORGEOUS~will get pics~but she doesn't need to have another litter. Shame on her former "owners" who moved and left her behind. They took the un-neutered male but left the pregger female =(

Yup, kittens are being re-homed and all is well.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pics of Dumped Box Kitties

Today mommy got a pic of the little kitties that were dumped at her job in a box (details last entry). They are really cute. Two girls and a boy. The one in the front is all squinty because of the flash. Mom's gonna try to find them homes.
Not even two hours later some kids found a kitten on the shoulder of the street just yards from mom's job. The street is busy and crosses a major highway and there aren't any houses right around. The kitty was only a few weeks older than the little 5-6 week old box babies. Mom doubts the kitty just wandered to where she was. She could have, but people have such a history of cruelness and apathy in the area that the kitty probably was dumped.
Luckily the kids were able to catch her. She's so shy and beautiful. How could someone not want her? Here she is:

I beg that peoples will love their babies forever and not throw them away!

Mommy knows that the peoples who regularly read this blog and love their babies would go to the ends of the earth to keep them healthy and happy and with the family. Or they would find suitable homes if they absolutely couldn't. What those mommies and daddies would give to have those babies who've passed back with them...
And then to see others just throw their babies away =(

My mommy has been very sad today.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kittens Dumped in Box

Yesterday at mom's job, someone had dumped a box next door at a business that was closed down. Inside were three little kitties about 5 weeks old. Cute brown tabbies, two girls and a boy. Also with them was an unopened can of catfood.

The babies were very scared. Mommy got them toys and put medicine in the boys eye (it was a little drippy-not bad) and they will be kept at work until homes are found.
They're getting braver already and playing.

Mommy's own stray mommacat (who has been named Summer) will hopefully get into the vet for a spay this week...but not sure as mommy might be working straight thru the week.
Mom desperately needs the hours and since a coworker has like a broke leg or something, mommy's picking up the slack.
Mom's ready to find Summer's 2 babies homes. And now the new 3 littles.

Peoples, PLEASE spay/neuter your kitties and doggies and keep them forever and love them!

My little bro and co-blogger Pickles is doing great. He's always been conservative but after his brush with death he seems to be especially playful. He's following mommy a lot, too. He's got a wierd, loud voice, I guess because he's deaf, and he meows in my ear.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Good News!

Just a brief entry before mommy goes back to work...

Good News!
My little deaf brofur Pickles is home and walking!
It is a true miracle!

Still don't know exactly what happened. He may have fallen off the counter or something to make him go into shock. Even his body temp dipped. He may have also had a low blood sugar episode prior...not sure as mommy began oral glucose as soon as she found him rigid and laying in a puddle of peepee. After loading him up on sugar the tests at the vet would have been tweaked so we don't know for sure.

Usually little ones come out of it pretty fast once they get sugar. He was a limp rag for hours which made us wonder if he'd fallen.

No signs of a liver shunt, infection, poisoning...

We may never know.
Hopefully he will never have another seizure or try any daredevil stunts.
When mom goes to work, Pickles is going into a nice cage for safety.
He's three months old and the size of a two month old and he's very babyish and needs to stay out of trouble.

Thank you so much for your purrrs and purrrayers.
Pickles was in bad shape yesterday.
I could never dream he'd be sitting here eating today.
Very much a miracle.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pickles Very Ill

By little brofur (and co-blogger) Pickles is very ill It doesn't look good at all =(

He's only three months old and very small and born deaf. Here's a pic of him when he wasn't sick.
Earlier today he had a siezure of some sort and now is lethargic and at the vet. It's like is little body has gone limp and given up. Not sure what's going on but there's a chance he has some other genetic problem...neurological or perhaps his body cannot process/doesn't make certain enzymes or chemicals or things.

This came on very sudden and is very heartbreaking. My brofur Patrick passed away from CRF on August 4 and sent this little guy the very next day. Pure white and a Siamese mix just like Patrick himself...

Please purrrr and purrray for little Pickles. He really does need a miracle.

Thank you, my friend.